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Land Data Manangement

We specialize in working with title and lease data for oil and gas operations. Our expertise includes state and federal land, BIA and BLM restricted land, and filings with the OCC.
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Custom Application Development

We use modern software architecture and design principles to build intuitive, responsive and scalable applications that WORK.
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Data Analytics

Big Data is more than a buzzword. We have the knowledge and tools to transform your data into opportunity.
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Scalable Solutions

We design and build applications that handle your needs now and in the future.

Maps and Graphing

Obtaining and storing good data is a challenge in itself, however you also need to be able to visualize this data to make good business decisions. We have the tools to gather and store your data along with years of experience in building dynamic reports and maps from databases.

In The Cloud

We use the newest cloud technologies for storage, processing and scaling to build web based solutions that work for you.


We provide customizable e-commerce and shopping cart solutions.

Meet the crew


Karl Wenzel

Owner & Manager

Karl is an experienced programmer and oilman who has combined these talents with his experience in public speaking and military leadership to run a successful software company for over eight years. When away from the office Karl enjoys spending time with his wife Eva and their two young kids.


Lucas Watson

Business Development Director

Lucas brings the right people together. With 10 years of sales and recruiting experience, he drives new business development. Ask him about making music, playing video games or reading novels.


Dustin Reagan

Lead Developer

Dustin is a Lead Developer at Wenzel Tech with over 10 years of experience. While he thinks programming is pretty fun, there's more to life than work.


Marcus Green

Project Manager

Marcus is a senior Microsoft Office developer and database designer with over 25 years of experience. He is also actively involved with the music ministry at his church.


Brian Lapsley


Brian is a software developer with 5 years of experience. He likes dogs, his wife and Sooner football.


Eddie Wu

IT Administrator

Eddie handles IT administration and has experience in everything from mainframe support to building and maintaining networks and servers, He has a bachelors degree in MIS and masters in Finance and Education.

Contact Us


Wenzel Technology
2601 Northwest Expy # 703W
Oklahoma City, OK 73112



P: (405) 242-2706
F: (405) 848-2712